Tea pest solutions.

Product Description

Russell IPM has developed a range  of products to protect the quality and yield of tea from the highly damaging pests.

The challenge:
The common insect pests of tea arered spider mite (Oligonychuscoffeae), tea mosquito bug (Helopeltistheivora), termite (Microcerotermes ssp.), thrips (Scirtothrips dorsalis), aphid (Toxopteraaurantii), Jassid (Empoascaflavescens), flush worm (Laspeyresialeucostoma),  looper caterpillar (Bistonsuppressaria) and nematode (Meloidogyne spp.). The red spider mite, tea mosquito bug and tea termite species contribute to significant crop losses each year.

Tea mite control and red mite control Trials have been conducted in Sathgao Tea Estate, AMO, Chanpur T.E.
• Biomax M has found highly effective against red spider mites.
• Adult mortality and egg mortality was found from 20 min after application.
• Substantial number of egg mortality was recorded 16 hours after application of Biomax M.

Biomax M provides effective control against tea mites.
Mode of Action:
• Biomax is a potent bio-rational miticide which is effective adult and nymph stage of mites present in tea.
• It boosts plant immune system and helps plant to fight against further attacks from the newly hatched nymph.
• Biomax provides protection against early and advanced leaf damage caused by mites.



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